Jim Goulden

Guitar, Lead Vocals,

Composer and Arranger

Because Jim's first instrument is percussion, he has a super tight, rhythmically in-the-pocket feel and a funky, R & B sensibility. His influences span the globe and include West-African drumming, Steeley Dan, The Beatles and Ben Folds.

Angela Gabriel

Drums, Vocals, Composer and Arranger

Angela has spent most of her drumming career playing orchestral and classical percussion, and it can be heard in her unique and dynamic playing. But don't expect her to be uptight. Her middle name is Groove.

Scott Jarrett

Bass, Vocals, Producer and Recording Engineer for 

"I'm With The Band" CD

Scott (we refer to him as Chief Halftown) heard us playing together as a duo and said he would love to be part of our band. Good thing for us, because he rocks! An all-around great musician, Scott brings a lifetime of experience and wisdom to his gigs, recordings & his instrument.