photo © Anne Staveley
photo © Anne Staveley
live at skylight photo © rob weiss
photo © Anne Staveley
photo © Anne Staveley
photo © Jennifer Esperanza
photo © Jennifer Esperanza
photo © Jennifer Esperanza
photo © Jennifer Esperanza
jim glowing at tumbleroot
hidden whale live photo © Rob Weiss
photo © Jennifer Esperanza
photo © Jennifer Esperanza
Hidden Whale Logo © Angela Gabriel

Santa Fe, New Mexico based Hidden Whale is the husband/wife Duo Jim Goulden and Angela Gabriel. Whether they're playing as an electric band on a large stage, a local venue or busking acoustically around the world, Jim & Angela bring it in their own unique and sparkly way.

The Power Pop duo combines Jim's witty, introspective lyrics & catchy, R&B-style guitar riffs, Angela's enigmatic, funky blend of rock & world rhythms, and mesmerizing vocal harmonies.


Their music is a compelling combination of many influences, including the rhythms of Afro-Pop & Prog-Rock, the lyrical styles of Hip-Hop, and Classic Rock vocal harmonies. They have been compared to bands as varied as The Who, The Ben Folds Five, Cake, Steve Miller, and Rusted Root.


Each Hidden Whale song, a finely-crafted world in itself, conjures up a real-life situation, feeling, relationship or person. Anyone who has ever wanted to sit in or get in with the band, or any musician who has spent time on the road can relate to “I’m With The Band.” The song “Cell Phone” describes our love-hate relationship with this device that we just can’t live without, while the character-study “One-Legged Chuck” is a true-story tribute to a handicapped busker who saved Jim’s life one night when he got too drunk.


Listening to Hidden Whale you get a sense of their love for each other, for the world around them and for the music that makes them who they are and where they come from.

Jim Goulden

Guitar, Lead Vocals,

Composer and Arranger

Because Jim's first instrument is percussion, he has a super tight, rhythmically in-the-pocket feel and a funky, R & B sensibility. His influences span the globe and include West-African drumming, Steeley Dan, The Beatles and Ben Folds.

Angela Gabriel

Drums, Percussion, Ukulele, Vocals, Composer and Arranger

Angela has spent most of her drumming career playing orchestral and classical percussion, and it can be heard in her unique and dynamic playing. But don't expect her to be uptight. Her middle name is Groove.

Her versatility adds a special touch to each gig, whether she's playing body percussion, ukulele or drum set.



Want to learn more about Hidden Whale, their music, and their tour dates?

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