The Gluey Brothers bust in. {Chunky bass line from the man in the gorilla mask, somersaulting his way around the stage}. With a swollen bag of tricks (and a lead safe full of non sequiturs), the Gluey Brothers manage to stick to every listener's inner self. A unique nostalgic approach to character introduction allows me to relate -- in strange subconscious ways -- as the pictures painted by the Gluey Brothers (MC Tahina and King Hummus) keep their linguistic methods chilling out like amoebas. Fun, light-hearted, dancable, and always DANGEROUS, the Gluey Brothers are like two twins separated and taken to different parts of the universe. Their habits should be studied when they unite on the mic. It encourages rough-housing. As for the other band members, the vibes that can be made with the three band equalizer on my stereo are amazing. The Gluey Brothers: If I could see these guys once before I die, I'd die happy. These guys are as funky as they are punk rock.
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